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ARTwear Artists of the Day: Marian Robinson and Edyta Rodgers

Marian Robinson

Designer Marian Robinson twists, slides and coils wire to create jewelry as sculpture, or sculpture as jewelry. Each piece reveals itself during the process of doing. No two are alike, each is handcrafted for comfort, versatility and style. The wire construction allows the wearer to easily adjust the length and positioning of a necklace. Lightweight overlapping wire is interspersed with a host of material including natural stone, seashells, rolled paper, quartz, gunmetal, porcelain, pewter, and combinations of polymer, glass, wood, lucite, found objects and resin beads.  These unique designs are meant to be worn by a woman comfortable with herself, happy with attention and delighted by the unexpected.


Edyta Rodgers aka Simple Twist

Simple Twist is a design partnership between Edyta Rodgers and Zuza Bart.  They run a very unique one of a kind company based on natural approach to fashion. Using the best natural materials like linen, cotton, wool, baby alpaca wool, bamboo & other high quality yarns, they use hand-operated machines to produce high-quality designs with a natural feel.

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ARTwear Artists of the Day: Sarah A. Myers and Kathy Robinson

Sarah A. Myers

Sarah A Myers’ jewelry combines precious metals with freshwater pearls, mixing the organic with inorganic.  Her skills and viewpoint were honed during her studies in Printmaking, Design and Metalsmithing at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, where she spent an extended period abroad studying with renowned artists in Italy.  Myers is inspired by nature’s gentle curves and it’s textures that give us endless possibilities.  All of her work is hand fabricated using sterling and fine silver with 14k gold and pearls of color.  Using traditional metalsmithing techniques to form each piece, it is not uncommon for one of her necklaces to take over 18 hours to produce.  Myers work beautifully mixes the traditional with the modern, playing with tried-and-true forms and materials while displaying a contemporary flair.


Kathy Robinson Batik

Kathy Robinson has been working as an artist and designer for over 3 decades, specializing in Batik, a traditional fabric dying technique that originated on the island of Java, Indonesia.  We’ll let the Philadelphia CityPaper’s Julia West tell you more about Kathy’s Work:

“Artist Kathy Robinson will be there with her handmade bohemian goddess scarves. The batik pieces are grown-up, but they are undeniably drenched in hippie culture, man. So you can admire these hand-painted accessories for their skillful detail and rich textures, but you can also rock one with jeans or a femme frock to create the Stevie-Nicks-is-my-aunt-and-I-raid-her-closet outfit that’s perfect for spring.”   –Julia West, CityPaper

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ARTwear Artists of the Day: Victoria Horner and Dianne Koppisch Hricko

Victoria Horner’s Bamboo Handle Bag

With clean lines and vibrant style, Victoria Horner’s bags make any outfit extraordinary. Using classic shapes such as “Doctor’s Bag” and the “Jackie Clutch”, Victoria modernizes it with playful textiles that fuse the idea of retro and modern flawlessly. Her bamboo handle bag with unique fabric prints will leave you craving more.  With numerous fabrics to choose from, the wearer can express their unique identity through Victoria’s craftsmanship. Her work is not all play as it really considers the daily use of handbags, making them more accessible and comfortable for the average women.


Diane Koppisch Hricko

As a printmaker and painter, Dianne Koppisch Hricko finds a love of color and translucent depth an inspiration in working with textiles. Using images created by a variety of printmaking techniques and direct painting, her work becomes endlessly fascinating.  Her use of layered transparency through printmaking builds rich and ambiguous surfaces, creating a unique appearance of shawls, scarves and other wearable art. Because of her method, Dianne is able to create truly one-of-a-kind pieces, which are both infused with classic shapes and innovative designs. Dianne’s work gives strength to the wearer, making her confident and sure that she too is as unique as the piece that adorns her.

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ARTwear Artists of the Day: Elena Kriegner and Diane Litten

Elena Kriegner

Originally from Austria, Elena Kriegner can proudly hold the title of Goldsmith, after her work at European Jewelry design school, where she later became a Master Jewelry Maker. Studying the art of gem cutting and teaching classes, she settled in New York City where she now works.  Elena’s work embodies her unique style, and love for technical challenges. Her pieces are geometric in nature, accentuated by clear-cut stones uniquely set. They seem to almost float, with Hermes like precision. Finding inspiration in the crowded horizon line of New York you can feel the resonance of the city carefully working into every piece. Her ability to interpret her influences gives her jewelry an architectural feel, inspiring strength and ability.


Diane Litten

Within the juxtaposition of bright colors, and black metal work, Diane Litten brings a Tim Burton-esque feeling to modern jewelry. As snake like silver wraps around complexly woven black metal, the textures of the pieces become as unique as the aesthetic. Diane is able to successfully bring together chaotic beauty with structured form, creating pieces that make a statement. Such complexity can only come from confident craftsmanship, which Diane’s handmade pieces are held together by. Her ability to create whimsy while helping the wearing to make a definitive statement is nothing short of genius.

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ARTwear Artists of the Day: Abra Couture and Leni Hoch

With one week to go until opening night, we realized we have a TON of artists to tell you about.  Therefore, we’ll be spotlighting two artists per day EVERY DAY until we open next Thursday, March 31st, for the Opening Preview Cocktail Reception!  Today we look at Abra Couture and Leni Hoch:

Abra Couture

Abra Couture creates handmade works of art, infused with urban sophistication and reflecting the electricity of a breathing city.  The delicate metalwork, done by hand, inspire a feeling of poise and femininity. Originally from New York City, Abra Couture began in a Greenwich Village apartment, growing into a line that is sought after by jewelry lovers and museums across the country. Women can relate to the gentle beauty of the polished stones, with simple designs that accentuates the unique shape of the wearer. Bringing to light the inner beauty of the body that it adorns, Abra couture uses a variety of color and depth in their pieces; through stones and different metals they create a unique viewing experience for those admiring the pieces.


Leni Hoch


Leni Hoch’s hand dyed silk makes the wearer feel like they are wrapped in a dream. The vibrant, stunning colors of floating clouds, bursting rose petals and meadows of yellow daisies are brought out of the surreal and into the present in Leni’s work. Her line of fiber and dyed silk wearable’s make every woman feel as though she has been bestowed the beauty of Aphrodite.  Her works take the shape of vests, scarves, silk jackets- all hand dyed often accentuated with copper fasteners. Working with a broad palate of color and texture her pieces are undeniable feminine with a glamorous aura surrounding them. With shades that compliment every season, her one of a kind pieces are truly show stoppers.

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ARTwear Artist of the Day: Aimee Eckert


The crackling of a crushed tea stained paper, the sound of a train pulling out a station as a women watches her one true love slip away, the bustle of cobblestone streets with trolleys and horses; are all visions found in dreams and in Aimee Eckert’s work.  By fusing together ancient or antique designs with found objects, Aimee brings to life a world before ours; with copper and photographs she creates a journey through time.  Wearable time travel is made beautiful with handmade metal work, and careful collage.  Before venturing into jewelry she restored vintage fashion dolls, even publishing a book on the subject.  Her ability to make the past a vital part in innovative pieces, makers her jewelry a piece wearable artwork worthy of an heirloom.


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ARTwear Artist of the Day: Mona the Mad Hatter

The Mad Hatter indeed, Mona Drummond is known for her exciting silhouettes and stylish materials. After studying fine art at Carnegie Mellon, her love for fashion illustration and art direction took hold of her career.  Her initial creation, a hat for the Devon Horse Show, caught many eyes with fascination. After completing extensive studies in millinery, Mona the Mad Hatter was born.

Each hat is uniquely crafted with hand dyed fabrics and trims. According to Mona “It takes creative expression, wearing a hat. You have to have an attitude.” With the placement of feathers, and hand tied bows, Mona really shines as a master of silhouettes. From Panamas, to asymmetrical, her hats are made for cocktails or special occasions. They are the kind of accessory that you put on and feel like the most charming women in the room.

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