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ARTwear Artist of the Day: Grace Ann Agostino

In preparation of our upcoming ARTwear craft show and fundraiser, we will be spotlighting an artist each day here on the PAA blog. Today we look at the unique style of Grace Ann Agostino!



Fusing leather with vintage elements, Grace Ann is able to create tactical and aesthetically stimulating leather handbags that are unlike any others. Treating leather as a fabric, it becomes molded through crushing, pleating and appliquéing with antique trims, beads or snakeskin. Unstructured and supple, these unique bags breath life into any wardrobe. She spends at least twice a year shopping for leather skins in New York and Los Angeles; most of them coming from Italy where the softest, finest skins are found in rich and vibrant colors. Integrating antique handbag frames and ornaments of metal, Bakelite, Plexiglas or Celluloid the bags reveal lavish craftsmanship of decades past. Grace Ann Agostino’s bags tie together innovation of today with the mystic style of old world, tying together class and beauty.

Check back each day as we highlight a new artist.  And for more information on ARTwear, including online ticketing, Click Here!

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