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ARTwear Artist of the Day: Mona the Mad Hatter

The Mad Hatter indeed, Mona Drummond is known for her exciting silhouettes and stylish materials. After studying fine art at Carnegie Mellon, her love for fashion illustration and art direction took hold of her career.  Her initial creation, a hat for the Devon Horse Show, caught many eyes with fascination. After completing extensive studies in millinery, Mona the Mad Hatter was born.

Each hat is uniquely crafted with hand dyed fabrics and trims. According to Mona “It takes creative expression, wearing a hat. You have to have an attitude.” With the placement of feathers, and hand tied bows, Mona really shines as a master of silhouettes. From Panamas, to asymmetrical, her hats are made for cocktails or special occasions. They are the kind of accessory that you put on and feel like the most charming women in the room.

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