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ARTwear Artists of the Day: Elena Kriegner and Diane Litten

Elena Kriegner

Originally from Austria, Elena Kriegner can proudly hold the title of Goldsmith, after her work at European Jewelry design school, where she later became a Master Jewelry Maker. Studying the art of gem cutting and teaching classes, she settled in New York City where she now works.  Elena’s work embodies her unique style, and love for technical challenges. Her pieces are geometric in nature, accentuated by clear-cut stones uniquely set. They seem to almost float, with Hermes like precision. Finding inspiration in the crowded horizon line of New York you can feel the resonance of the city carefully working into every piece. Her ability to interpret her influences gives her jewelry an architectural feel, inspiring strength and ability.


Diane Litten

Within the juxtaposition of bright colors, and black metal work, Diane Litten brings a Tim Burton-esque feeling to modern jewelry. As snake like silver wraps around complexly woven black metal, the textures of the pieces become as unique as the aesthetic. Diane is able to successfully bring together chaotic beauty with structured form, creating pieces that make a statement. Such complexity can only come from confident craftsmanship, which Diane’s handmade pieces are held together by. Her ability to create whimsy while helping the wearing to make a definitive statement is nothing short of genius.

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