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ARTwear Artists of the Day: Sarah A. Myers and Kathy Robinson

Sarah A. Myers

Sarah A Myers’ jewelry combines precious metals with freshwater pearls, mixing the organic with inorganic.  Her skills and viewpoint were honed during her studies in Printmaking, Design and Metalsmithing at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, where she spent an extended period abroad studying with renowned artists in Italy.  Myers is inspired by nature’s gentle curves and it’s textures that give us endless possibilities.  All of her work is hand fabricated using sterling and fine silver with 14k gold and pearls of color.  Using traditional metalsmithing techniques to form each piece, it is not uncommon for one of her necklaces to take over 18 hours to produce.  Myers work beautifully mixes the traditional with the modern, playing with tried-and-true forms and materials while displaying a contemporary flair.


Kathy Robinson Batik

Kathy Robinson has been working as an artist and designer for over 3 decades, specializing in Batik, a traditional fabric dying technique that originated on the island of Java, Indonesia.  We’ll let the Philadelphia CityPaper’s Julia West tell you more about Kathy’s Work:

“Artist Kathy Robinson will be there with her handmade bohemian goddess scarves. The batik pieces are grown-up, but they are undeniably drenched in hippie culture, man. So you can admire these hand-painted accessories for their skillful detail and rich textures, but you can also rock one with jeans or a femme frock to create the Stevie-Nicks-is-my-aunt-and-I-raid-her-closet outfit that’s perfect for spring.”   –Julia West, CityPaper

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