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ARTwear Artists of the Day: Marian Robinson and Edyta Rodgers

Marian Robinson

Designer Marian Robinson twists, slides and coils wire to create jewelry as sculpture, or sculpture as jewelry. Each piece reveals itself during the process of doing. No two are alike, each is handcrafted for comfort, versatility and style. The wire construction allows the wearer to easily adjust the length and positioning of a necklace. Lightweight overlapping wire is interspersed with a host of material including natural stone, seashells, rolled paper, quartz, gunmetal, porcelain, pewter, and combinations of polymer, glass, wood, lucite, found objects and resin beads.  These unique designs are meant to be worn by a woman comfortable with herself, happy with attention and delighted by the unexpected.


Edyta Rodgers aka Simple Twist

Simple Twist is a design partnership between Edyta Rodgers and Zuza Bart.  They run a very unique one of a kind company based on natural approach to fashion. Using the best natural materials like linen, cotton, wool, baby alpaca wool, bamboo & other high quality yarns, they use hand-operated machines to produce high-quality designs with a natural feel.

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