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Battle of the Bowls, Artist Spotlight: Jill Bonovitz and Anthony Campuzano

Jill Bonovitz:

Artist Jill Bonovitz is a graduate from Moore College of Art and Columbia University. Her work combines a white color palette with a minimalist form to create beautiful porcelain vases and white compositions.  Jill has displayed her work in many solo exhibitions in addition to being a part of many group exhibitions such as the “Close at Hand: Philadelphia Artists in the Permanent Collection,” which took place at The Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia. Jill says of her work “My work begins from a silent place, deep within me. It flows through my hands and into the clay. I am guided by touch and engagement with the material, and am never certain of a work’s destination, but it is always within the boundaries of the vessel form.”

Porcelain Vase

Anthony Campuzano:

Artist Anthony Campuzano is known for his use of found language. Using text found from a variety of different places – newspaper headlines, Wikipedia entries, the covers of paperback novels, trivial cultural events, common clichés, pop song lyrics—he creates incredibly colorful and informative pieces.  Anthony attended Tyler school of Art, where he studied painting and sculpture.

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