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Battle of the Bowls, Artist Spotlight, Heeseung Lee and Jim Loewer

Heeseung Lee uses the functional aspects of her vessels to create an entry point for viewers to go beyond the threshold of a utilitarian object and into the world of art. Lee plays with patterns from the stylized linear landscapes of Korean screen paintings, colors from Japanese lacquer-ware, and compositional arrangements from various Asian textiles to embellish her ceramic vessels. Lee is infatuated with the layering of pattern and textures, creating visual rhythm and energy, defining space, and alluding to the evidence of the passage of time. Ms. Lee received her B.F.A from the Maryland Institute College of Art.


Jim Loewer holds an undergraduate degree in painting from the University of California and a teaching degree from the University of South Carolina. He taught at various different schools for four years before devoting himself full-time to glass. He is self-taught through trial and error, focusing primarily on contemporary organic forms influenced by Japanese craft and the American studio glass movement.

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