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The creative process through Instagram

So one thing that has been keeping me entertained and inspired, during the otherwise hectic Spring fundraising season, has been following the Instagram account of one of our upcoming artists, Adam Wallacavage.  For those not in the loop, Instagram is basically Facebook with a camera, where every post or “Status Update” must be accompanied by a photo.  After launching just over 18 months ago, the company recently was sold to Facebook for $1 Billion, showing the explosive growth potential of photo sharing.

Adam Wallacavage (@AWallacavage) was an early adopter of Instagram, and subsequently has over 3000 loyal followers to his account.  He posts just about anything; photos of his amazing South Philly home, friends, concerts, skateboarding, art, life in general.  But my greatest pleasure has been watching his work in progress unfold as he prepares for his solo show here at the Art Alliance.  Watching this piece, tentatively entitled “Sea Serpent” come to life has been an amazing lesson in social media promotion.  Adam not only shares photos of his unfinished work, but gives insight into how he feels about a particular piece or what inspired him to make it.  Without further ado, here is the photo stream with Adam’s captions for each pic:

“Better ask momma how to make a monster”


“I’m going to be perfectly honest. I’m making these only to please some specific and somewhat harsh art critics. I mean, I’m showing in a prestigious design and craft museum and I need take this seriously. I can’t disappoint my nieces and nephews!!”


“Done for the day!! I’m getting really happy about this one. I pulled off something monstrously eloquent. It’s funny because somehow I forgot about the fact that I was making similar monsters like these in art school some 16 -17 (yikes) years ago.”


“Sculpting more Sea Serpents.”


“Hanna applying scales to the Sea Serpent chandelier.”


“I can’t wait to finish this!!!!”


“Applying the secret sauce to the Sea Serpents.”


“Big Glitter Ball.”


“Sea Serpent is wired up!”

I love his brutal honesty and the way in which he interacts with his followers, making them feel like they are a part of his world even though many do not personally know him.  I myself have felt a profound personal connection to the man even though we only met face-to-face for the first time the other day.  This kind of online social interaction is redefining the way in which artists, celebrities, athletes and just about anyone with a business or skill connect with potential audiences and, ultimately, conduct commerce.

Shameless plug time: To see this amazing piece, and many other new/old creations by Adam, come to the Gallery Opening Reception for this and our two other new exhibitions on Thursday, May 17, 2012.  Information on the exhibition can be found by clicking here.

And follow Adam Wallacavage on Twitter (@adamwallacavage) and Instagram (@AWallacavage) for more updates as we move towards the opening!  Thanks for listening!


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