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SoS Artist Spotlight: Sarah Yeung

Sarah Yeung

Sarah Yeung is a self-taught bookbinder and a Philadelphia transplant from Central Jersey. A lifelong booklover, as a child she was fond of reading abnormally large books in small hiding places, such as the corner behind the couch in the living room next to the central heating vent. After the combined effects of a college course on the history of the codex, an English degree, and a severe economic recession, she was inspired to deconstruct the physical vessels of her literary passions.

These days, bookbinding serves to remind her that a thoughtfully crafted house can be as meaningful as the words which reside within. Her craft often plays on the themes she encounters as a professional city planner: the gritty, messy edges of the city, the strangeness and vibrancy of ethnic neighborhoods, and the rapport between first and second immigrant generations and the resulting new cultural identities.

Sarah graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and is currently a full-time graduate student pursuing a Master of City and Regional Planning at Rutgers University.


Yeung, along with 40 other artists, are participating in Shop on the Square; a week-long show, craft sale, and auction features thoughtfully designed and expertly crafted jewelry, accessories, tableware, toys, and much more at the Philadelphia Art Alliance.

The show will run Tuesday, December 4th through Sunday, December 9th, from noon to 7pm daily.

You can find more information at

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