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Shop on the Square is in Full Swing!

The Philadelphia Art Alliance is pleased to present “Shop on the Square”, a craft sale and auction featuring thoughtfully designed and expertly crafted jewelry, accessories, tableware, toys, and much more. This fundraising event includes an irresistible mix of established and emerging artists and designers, plus hands-on activities for the whole family.  Here are two vibrant local artists that have their work on sale this week:


Inspired by her grandmother in Kolkata, India, Harshita Lohia took to craft and arts at the early age of ten. Belonging to the sixth generation of the Chamong tea family, business skills came naturally to Harshita. Her early interest was making and selling cards and envelopes for weddings. At age thirteen her father gave her a set of paint brushes and a wide variety of paints and from that moment Harshita developed her serious interest in fine arts. At age fifteen she held her first solo exhibition in Chitrakoot Art Gallery, Kolkata followed by a solo exhibition in Singapore at seventeen. In 1997, Harshita traveled to Chicago for summer school at the Art Institute of Chicago and a year later enrolled into Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia. After finishing her BFA in textile design she went on to finish her Masters in Digital Printing from Philadelphia University. In 2005 Harshita created Harshita Designs to carry on her mission of creating wearable art and original accessories. Her collections represent her rich heritage and her sensitive way of blending east and west.

At Harshita Designs you will find uniquely designed wearable art for women and men, including scarves, shawls, handbags, jewelry, tunics and jackets. Each creation starts with thoughtfully created designs. Carefully chosen colors and final designs are then printed or embroidered to enhance the wearable piece of art. The inspiration for Harshita’s designs and colors comes from elements of nature, man made structures, symbols of Indian culture and simple geometrical figures and her choice of high quality material includes chiffon, crepe, georgette and charmeuse silk.

Gillian Pokalo is an artist from the Philadelphia area. Both her creative process and artwork address the issue of impermanence as reflected in deteriorating industrial landscapes, posing questions about past inhabitants and present conditions. Her process of working with photography, painting and printmaking is a reconstruction of that which has been deconstructed by time.


Her work is influenced by the sociological shift in the communities that originally were built around industry and the remnants of places that no longer exist. There is something hauntingly beautiful in the textures of an abandoned, derelict building, which evoke memories and pose questions about past inhabitants and present conditions.  She employs traditional and non-traditional printmaking techniques, including photography, silk screen, and gum bichromate. “The process of making a print intrigues me because it is that which remains when the plate or screen is removed. In this way, I think of the creative process as a reflection on the transience and impermanence of life.”

Shop on the Square
Tuesday, December 4 through Sunday, December 9
251 South 18th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104
noon to 7pm daily.

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