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SoS One Day Left! Two Artists to Check Out:

Shop on the Square ends tomorrow!
@ Philadelphia Art Alliance
251 South 18th StPhiladelphia, PA 19103

There’s still plenty of great handcrafted gifts to take home this holiday season!

Veru Designs

Verushka Stevens is a woman in love with life. VeruDesigns became one of the main triggers that guided her towards a very personal journey of self-discovery and self-love at a whole new level never experienced before.  Her polymer clay jewelry is vibrant and unique; providing a playful experience to the wearer.


She describes her pieces as “A celebration of all women, no matter your age, size, ethnicity, beliefs, and background.  My jewelry is meant to be a reminder of your own unique voice, unique soul, and the one-of-a-kind light each of us is mean to to shine into the world”


Stevens’ appreciation of life and the beautiful people that share this world with her are the catalysts for creating.  VeruDesigns is her celebration of every single woman in this world, and a way of sharing the knowing that “each woman’s uniqueness is not only where her true inner and outer beauty resides, but has a “one-of-a-kind” purpose that are meant to be fulfilled” in life.

Anthony Tammaro

Anthony Tammaro is a consistent and modern jewelry designer who knows how to combine contradictions, thereby creating new, revolutionary worlds. Even though his objects are made of nylon that is sintered by a computer-controlled laser – and therefore not realizable by using traditional working methods – they look very natural. Just like they had always been here, yet hidden away from our eyes.


Due to the combination of organic shapes, lace patterns, sparingly yet specifically applied paint and the use of soft and hard materials, Anthony Tammaro’s jewelry looks like the bizarre creatures from the depth of the sea, yet also resembles the strait-laced fashions of past times. But that is not all: it simultaneously looks obscene and mathematical, baroque and reduced, luscious and strict. However, all these contradictions do not create a chaotic coexistence, but a harmonic whole that sparks curiosity. One wants to touch the objects; are they light or heavy, cold or warm, rough or even slimy?

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Worn around the neck, the objects feel alien and beautiful, they are transparent and –despite their size- surprisingly light and comfortable against the skin.

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