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Contest Deadline Coming Soon!


Will you make a sculpture from cake using only scissors? Will you etch designs into old CDs with an embroidery needle? Or will you simply draw a small masterpiece with an ordinary ballpoint pen?

The deadline is fast approaching for our fantastic contest Left to Your One Device and we are very excited to see some strange and interesting works of art created using only one tool.

Left to Your One Device is your chance to take part in a contest based upon our current exhibition The Tool at Hand. The exhibition explores what happens when a group of very different artists and designers are challenged to using just one tool to create works of art. The results include a wide variety of wonderful objects: For example, there’s an unusual vase made using a 3D printer, and a wax chair crafted by the most basic of tools – the artist’s own hands.

But we want to know what will you create? And what tool will you use? You don’t need to be an artist or a fine craftsperson, you just need to make something using only one tool. The tool can be something ordinary, like a paintbrush, a crochet hook, or chisel. Or you can use something even more unusual. Can you create something amazing with an electric toothbrush, or your cell phone, for instance?

Why not have a go, and show us the results? You could win some exciting prizes and have your work featured on the Art Alliance website. You’ll need to be quick though as the deadline is Wednesday April 10th.

For full details on how to enter go here.

And if you need a bit more inspiration, The Tool at Hand exhibition is currently on display here at the Art Alliance.  We look forward to judging your creations!

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