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Three exciting exhibitions coming to the Art Alliance Summer 2013: A Quick Glance

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Summer’s going to be bright and beautiful here at the Art Alliance! We are absolutely thrilled to give you a glance at our upcoming summer exhibitions, opening May 17th here at the Philadelphia Art Alliance.

Each exhibition takes innovative and surprising twists on the theme of textiles, exploring their craft, form and their sentimental value.

Spivak, LTextile, Gwschandtner

What stories live inside your closet? Emily Spivack’s Sentimental Value finds stories and narratives in unusual places: eBay listings. Spivack explores the emotive and sometimes very personal histories of ordinary (and some extraordinary) objects that find themselves for sale on the famous website. This show provides a fascinating insight into what clothing and personal objects mean to us, both financially and emotionally.

LTextile is “a survey of New Textiles from Lithuania” organized with the Academy of Arts in Vilnius. Eight contemporary and award-winning artists will capture the history of Lithuanian textiles. The history is as vibrant as the textiles themselves, depicting an era of traditional patterns inspired by nature, Soviet restrictions on art and expression, and the creative outpouring since restrictions were loosened in the 1990s. The exhibition will reflect the past, as well as weave a new future for Lithuanian textiles.

Do you know what links old fashioned quilts and old fashioned movies? Sabrina Gschwandtner’s Sunshine and Shadow is a thought-provoking combination of the art of quilt-making and  the art of film-making. Her stunning quilts are made from old 16mm films to create backlit wall-hangings filled with color and detail. These pieces are imbued with the histories of both artforms and the women who made them…all of which are surprisingly intertwined (see more here).

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by these colorful, inspiring shows, which open on May 17th and run until August 18th 2013. 

Spivak, LTextile, Gschwandtner

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