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Sentimental Value Fashion Show Thursday June 20th at PAA!

FashionShowBubbles! Models! eBay Stories! Music! Fun! Thursday night, 7:00pm, the Philadelphia Art Alliance will host a very special Fashion Show in conjunction with Emily Spivack’s Sentimental Value currently on view. Models will strut down the runway wearing the items from her web-based art project, while celebrity guest emcee Harvey, of Double Dare fame and former WMGK radio personality, recites verbatim the text accompanying the items as it originally appeared on eBay.

970218_10151638652304431_1213544548_n2Emily Spivack’s web-based art project Sentimental Value connects the age-old desire to tell stories through special objects with the easily accessible platform of the Internet. The project recognizes and highlights a new vernacular mode of expression emerging in the personal narratives accompanying clothing for sale on eBay, which has unintentionally become a repository of surprisingly personal anecdotes and memories. Spivack has been collecting and documenting these stories in all their raw honesty on the Sentimental Value website (, and acquiring the objects in the process. The Fashion Show presents a unique opportunity to see the art objects in action and for the stories to come to life.

The Models include a rich array of Philadelphia-based artists, craftspeople, musicians, and performers including Rose Luardo, Andrew Jeffrey Wright, Brian Langan, Ted Passon and Carrie Collins and more!

Jams for the evening provided by DJ Collective WYYLDSTYLE and Brian from Pizza Brain.

General Admission is $5 and includes free drinks. There will be bubbles, so come prepared for fun.


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