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CaveCast kicks off second season with a 50’s Dance Party with DJ SnKpaK

CaveCast returns from a brief summer hiatus for a fall schedule packed with good times and hometown favorites, beginning with a 50’s Dance Party with DJ SnKpaK on Wednesday, September 18th.

553212_10151456746928826_542954372_nHolly Sue Allen aka DJ SnKpaK will take us to the 1950’s with stories and the records she uses for her Bouffant Bangout and Fascination parties. Holly will cover Surf, Psych, Garage, and good old fashioned Rock n Roll while getting at the gems left of center. Always a forward thinking DJ and record digger, Holly is the perfect guest host to kick off our second season.

DJ SnKpaK started Bouffant Bangout five years ago at the Barbary.  She built the 50s and 60s dance party as a single DJ into a full on spectacle with dance contests, go-go dancers, a co-host, and guest DJs.  Snackpack also started a weekly Wednesday party at the Dolphin Tavern called Fascination where she blends all music that moves her, from post punk and new wave to hip hop and contemporary sounds.  Last but not least, Holly Sue joins the Rock Tits crew as an honorary Rock Tot to DJ Making Time events.

DEL_CROP2On Friday, October 4th, DJ, writer, producer, and music lover DEL returns for the second installment of his three-part series exploring dance music from the Foundations to the Formative Years to Where we are Now. In the first episode, DEL took us through his personal experience growing up with dance music in Philadelphia in the 70s, a journey from the Soul Survivors to Billy Kennedy and Walter Gibbons and to legendary clubs Second Story and Catacombs. We can’t wait for the next chapter!

CaveCast continues through the fall and into the winter with DJ Apt One discussing cultural re-appropriation within music on Wednesday November 20th, and Ed Blammo‘s discussion of cover versions on Wednesday, December 18th.

avatars-000023239237-vszxk0-t200x200DJ Apt One is and has been on the forefront of many important movements in dance music over the last ten years. He was a part of the multi-genre style of DJing that catapulted his adopted Philadelphia to the pinnacle of the DJ world in the early 2000s. His years of seasoning as a DJ have seen him play all styles imaginable all across the US and Europe.

446198_lEd Blammo, a Philly bred DJ, likes to keep things simple. Two turntables, a mixer, and quality music are all he needs to rock the party or set the vibe. He’s played in clubs across the country, shared stages with the likes of Kid Cudi and Foster The People, and holds down several hometown residencies including the annual Dre Day party on he and Dre’s shared birthday, February 18th.

Stoli Vodka has signed on to join Spodee as an official sponsor of CaveCast and they have provided  us with a list of cocktail recipes, so this means you can expect interesting and delicious beverages at every CaveCast event.

We hope to see you all season long. All podcasts are available to stream from our website, or you can download or subscribe using iTunes.

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Wednesday, September 18th, 8pm
CAVECAST 009: 50’s Dance Party
Special Guest – Holly Sue Allen aka DJ SnKpaK

Friday, October 4th, 8pm
CAVECAST 010: Foundations for the philaDELphia Groove – The Formative Years
Special Guest – DEL

Wednesday, November 20th, 8pm
CAVECAST 011: Sampling and Cultural Re-appropriation
Special Guest – DJ APT ONE

Wednesday, December18th, 8pm
CAVECAST 012: Cover Versions
Special Guest – Ed Blammo

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