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CAVECAST 011: Sampling and Cultural Re-appropriation

by Mat Tomezsko

CollegeNight_WebPageOpen Arts Philly presents a College Night CAVECAST. A limited number of free tickets for college students are available on their website.

On Wednesday, November 20 at 9:00pm DJ Apt One will discuss sampling and cultural re-appropriation in dance and electronic music, something he knows a thing or two about. In 2011 he produced a collection of beats for DJs called “T&A Breaks 3: Moombahton Loops and Samples.” One of his breakbeats was used by DJ Baauer for “The Harlem Shake,” which swept youtube and nightclubs earlier this year.

As a producer, DJ Apt One makes mixes by delving into various recordings and isolating parts of the tracks to be used in new and interesting ways. Essentially a sound collage, a new composition is woven using pieces taken from outside sources. Despite being made entirely of existing material, the mix transforms the elements into an original track. Sometimes a recognizable reference, sometimes highly obscure, there are many different ways to sample and appropriate music, achieving many different effects. Come to CAVECAST 011 on November 20th to learn more about this process.

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Also, check us out in the November issue of Philadelphia Magazine, in which CAVECAST earned the distinction of being “worth doing after dark”.

Mat Tomezsko is the Programs and Events Coordinator at the Philadelphia Art Alliance. 

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