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Tim Eads’ Funhouse

Who says the sense of wonder is dead in this modern society? Artist Tim Eads rekindles our desire and capacity to wonder, long buried under everyday life, through his works. Using intricate designs, unusual sounds and eccentric constructions, Eads creates a funhouse of playful creativity to inspire moments of beauty and meaning. The shared memories of play help the artist connect with his viewers.

The funhouse Eads creates is layered with deeper meanings. The line drawings engage with viewers intellectually with their three-dimensionality. Their unexpected forms block obvious paths and draw attention to the unused space and hidden architectural elements in our environment, encouraging a reimagination of the space we live in and the ways we interact with it.

Eads works across diverse media. His exhibit Species of Spaces at Rebekah Templeton Contemporary Art in 2012 offers visitors a visual, aural, and gastral experience that overwhelms all senses. Environmental Otological Research Device.beta.v01 (2012), part of the Switched-On Garden 002 event at the Bartram’s Garden and a collaborative creation between Eads and Austen Brown, blurs the line between natural and digital worlds.


Photography: Alison Conklin. Model: Ian Michael Crumm. Courtesy of artist’s website.

Besides such wide array of interactive artworks, one other passion of the artist is designing expressive, stylish, usable and comfortable apparel and accessories. He has collaborated with Lobo Mau, a contemporary sportswear line, to produce T-shirts with vibrant, bursting colors. Capturing attention with their bold, graphic designs, all his apparel and accessories are hand printed and created locally in small batches. The nature of the printing technique gives each piece its unique variations in color and style. Since the artist changes the design and color palette of the prints very often, all works are of limited editions.

Hailing from Denver City, TX, Tim Eads received his BFA from Texas Tech University and his MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art. Currently residing in Philadelphia, the artist is represented by Pentimenti Gallery in Old City. Exhibited internationally, his works are in the renowned collections of Kirkland Museum of Decorative Art in Denver and Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia. 


Courtesy of artist’s website.

Selections of Eads’ apparel and bags will be sold at the Art Alliance’s holiday pop-up shop–Geppetto. Geppetto will be open December 10, 2015 – January 3, 2016 from Noon – 7PM Tuesday – Sunday, closed on Mondays.

Text by Qianni Zhu, Intern

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